Unite Mediation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to the mediation process. Our mediators know that finding a solution all parties can agree on provides the ultimate satisfaction. As mediators we are truly peace makers through and through. It’s our job to find peace in highly contentious cases by discovering and removing underlying issues that are preventing peaceful resolutions. We are complete neutrals who offer unbiased solutions to complex matters in an attempt to resolve the unresolvable.

Do I need an attorney?

Not all disputes require the assistance of an attorney. Mediation does not require either party to have an attorney. However, if one or both parties are represented by an attorney, we can still mediate your case. We can handle cases that have been court ordered to mediation by a judge.

Can mediation really help me with my dispute?

Mediation is an alternative to resolving disputes in court or doing nothing at all. The parties create a settlement that they themselves agree upon, that works best for them. Issues and concerns are presented, discussed, and topics of the dispute are then negotiated. Each party will be given an opportunity to discuss their issue(s) and their desired outcome. The final outcome is a mediated settlement agreement which is a legal document, upheld in court.

Can you handle family disputes?

Family feuds are serious, and should never be taken lightly. These disputes can have a negative, long lasting impact on the family. We will help you recognize and overcome those hurdles that are causing those unnecessary stumbling blocks within the family, so that the family can be restored and strive once again. 

Can you help parents with a parenting plan(s)?

As a parent, you should always keep the best interest of the child(ren) at the forefront. Unfortunately, the relationship between the parents has ended, but the relationship with the child-to-parent should not end over parental disputes/disagreements. Co-parenting is a real life situation, but positive and nurturing co-parenting should be the absolute goal, for all to succeed. Creating a parenting plan with both parents is obtainable, but not always ideal. We can assist you by helping you to develop a parenting plan that is legally binding and can be submitted to the court. The process is relatively simple and can be completed in a short time.

Do you handle divorces and/or reconciliation?

Sadly enough divorce is real. If the spouses/partners are seeking to dissolve their union, we have a process in place that can help to settle the emotional stress and strain of the divorce process and instead foster a sense of collaboration. However, if you want to reconcile with your spouse/partner, let us help you to uncover those events that lead to thoughts of divorce and separation, so that you can return to a marriage, where love and kindness reside.