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Keep Control of Your Case

Mediation allows each side to retain control and have a hand in the outcome of their case. Unlike a trial in a court room, at mediation, each party freely participates in the process at the direction of the mediator. The solutions are created by the parties, NOT the judge or jury. Mediation is truly a collaborative environment that allows and invites full participation in an informal setting.


Unite Mediation Services was established to help people resolve their pressing disputes in a civil and negotiable manner. Unfortunately, things are said and done, that can and will cause an offense, but if we come and reason together, a solution can be met.

Mediation is an option that allows both parties to resolve their dispute in a positive, non-hostile and confidential setting, therefore avoiding court. Our mediators are a neutral party who is there to guide both parties to a resolution that they are comfortable with.

We are here to assist you.

Our mediators are certified trained mediators. 

Our mediation process is to handle disputes with the utmost professionalism and in confidence.

We can conduct the mediation in a conference setting or remotely.

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